Vegan Supper

Potato chips with sumac & black sesame
Grilled cantaloupe, tamarind, toasted melon seeds
Roasted walnut polenta
Wild-yeasted multigrain sourdough, fermented greens and avocado spread, fermented radishes
Smashed cucumbers, tahini sauce, sriracha

Leek tops, charred scallion, garlic chips, preserved lemon, garlic flowers

‘Cereal & Milk’
Togarashi rice crispies, coconut milk-kungi broth, mango

Asparagus, morels, spruce, hazelnuts

Susies Diner falafelWhole braised spring beets, humus, confit purple carrot, sprouts from our garden

Fermented elderflower ice, borage

Strawberries, rhubarb, cashew cream, bronze fennel

Olive oil & smoked salt 80% chocolate truffle


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